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freedom #4Are you nervous or develop anxiety when having dental work? Oak Road Dentistry offers IV conscious sedation and Nitrous Oxide to allow your dental experience to be much more pleasant. Dr. Gandhi completed a post-graduate residency that focused on sedation dentistry as well as maintaining CPR and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) training. To be considered a candidate for sedation, a thorough medical history will be needed.

Nitrous Oxide gas, commonly called “laughing gas,” is a convenient way to” take the edge off” of the most routine procedures. Nitrous oxide administration involves wearing a mask during the procedure that has a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide gas. Once the procedure is completed, there is immediate recovery within 5 to 10 minutes. No designated driver will be necessary for the administration of Nitrous Oxide.

IV conscious sedation is our preferred form of sedation. The process involves starting an IV line in which a combination of two sedatives are administered. Most patients have little or no recollection of the procedure. During the IV conscious sedation you may “feel” like you are asleep or in a “twilight” sleep, however you will be able to respond to simple questions and follow basic commands throughout the procedure. This allows our patients to be in their utmost relaxed state while we complete the
procedures safely and efficiently. You will need to have a designated driver come with you to your
appointment and activities will need to limited for the remainder of the day.

Through the use of modern medicine and technology we can make your dental experience extremely pleasant.

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