I may not have dental insurance for much longer, what should I do?

Unfortunately, in today’s tough economic times we hear this concern a lot.tough_economic_times1

I know this sounds like an old worn out cliche, but it’s true….first and
foremost you need to work real hard to keep an upbeat positive attitude and
remind yourself that these tough times will not last forever.  Be proactive
and take massive action to adapt and prosper in these tough times.

Now to the dental insurance question…

If you still have dental insurance consider the following :

1. A lot of dental plans will include free cleanings.  Jump on this quickly
and schedule a cleaning visit.  The benefits of cleanings are many, including
the obvious, nice looking teeth (which can not hurt if you find yourself
in the job hunting mode again), but more importantly the cleaning visit will
give you the opportunity to detect more critical problems early.

A dental problem detected early is usually less expensive to handle.  This
is definently not a situation where “ignorance is bliss”.

2. If cavities or other dental problems are identified during your cleaning visit
and you still have dental benefits available, go ahead and schedule a
followup visit to handle the problem early.  Most dental insurance plans
cover routine procedures at 50% to 80%.

3. If a more elaborate treatment plan is needed, we also may be able to help
you with a payment plan, through a third party provider.

If you have the benefits, take advantage of them.  All dental plans are different,
so please consult with your plan documents to confirm your actual benefits.

Let us know what you think of this post.  We are interested in your thoughts.